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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 22, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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that's it for us. in two seconds, huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee. in 2010, the president dismissed his reextendation for catastrophic injury. >> would you be satisfied if every member had catastrophic insurance. >> it makes sense in which we are transitioning to a system that is higher and folks are caught in the tranition. >> the wyoming's senator reaction tonight. >> christmas a time for giving. he's giving those who can't afford to to get home for the holidays. plus your tweets on obama care
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and the latest on the duck dynasty controversy. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) thank you, thank you very much. wow, we have a great audience here in new york and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. do you remember when america was a free country and religious liberty and so founding aal to our nation's origin that faith was embedded in our bill of rights? the government is forbidden to prohibit a expression of religion. government is not fro it infringe. a small group of same- sex advocates have forced industry and government to go beyond
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tolerating and to approve it. i am told to shut up advocating traditional marriage. but those with same- sex marriage allow no deviation. wedding caterers and photographers are forced to service same- sex weddingsine if it violates the convections of the provider. a &e found a successful formula to save the financial beginnings. reality show turned it in a cash cow but none went to green and dpold like the most popular show ever. duck denasty. elites never understood the popularity in fly over country. but those who live in that part of the america. that is not the board or ducks but the family that the
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robertson clan embodied. the christian faith is to real for reality tv. they live life happy, happy, happy. they are not straight laced snobs or purittans but people who laugh and play and they pray. they reflect the family who loves each other and view of messenger that is the standard for all of human history and the norm for kristyapity and judiasm and islam. a &e tossed phil robertson off tv because he believes what he said. a &e are snobbing americans who have the same view. i doubt many members of the gay rights group even watch duck dynasty. gay rightsoused to lobby for tollerance and now intollerance. reality tv is giving us highway
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brow vowing as jersey shore or temptation ilapd and cheaters. it is okay for adultery and tone prosmes cuity. but if they reflect a reality of the christian faith, good better help him because the network won't. who in the soughts if think that the millions were that watched. muslims are not crit sidewaysed or banned from the public square and they have far more harsher views on homosex yutity. most christians are tolerant and engauge in social interaction. i can accept anyone but not embrace a vow that is at odds. i have friends that love me but
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think i am a religious nut for believing in the boibl and resurrection of jesus kroift. are militant homosexuals so insecure that they can't tolerate. can we get back to religious freedom and liberty. or will we be told what we can or can't believe by the government. it starts in the marketplace and ends when forced by the states. and folks, we are getting close, we are getting close. (applause). >> i hope you will send me a message bay way of twitter. tweet me at huckabee show. and spoking of tweets last week. we talked about the many different ways that the obama administration is trying to get young people to sign up for obama care. one advocacy group sent out a picture of the president get covered because.
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and because no one should go broke just because they get sick. many on the internet changed the mess amg like this one. get covered because obama care cancelled the plan you like. and so last week, we asked you to fill in the blank and then tweet us your reasons why to get covered. by the way, we received thousands of tweets. in fact, we were the fifth most tweeted television show in all of america last saturday. we'll give you an example. here's one from stephanie. get covered because the mold locks suspicious. and here is texan for bush. get covered because he knows if you are naughty or nice. not sapta but obama. go broke paying for obama care
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instead. and this is from greg. get covered because i lied and you fell for it you stupid suckers. at least it got me reelected. >> and joseph who tweeted. get covered because my second term will make you sick. and terry writes and get covered why waste all of the money it tock to destroy our health care system. and this tweet. get covered because you can combine your irs audit and physical examination in to one great experience. this woke obama a noupsed americans with insurance plans that were cancelled can ought for catastrophic coverage in twoent 14. that support the insurance industry scram blipping. and in the white white health
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summit in february 2010. the president laughed off suggestions by a wyoming septemberor. he suggested that catastrophic insurance was veable. i asked the septemberor if he feels vippedicated by the change of heart from the president. >> it was a late night announcement to it from the press. he is once again changing the health care law. the catastrophic coverage is helpful and the president said it was awful. but now he is admitting that dow to the hardships because of the health care law, it is okay to have catastrophic care. it is the kind of thing that helps people to avoid bankruptcy or loss of house orchids quitting school because of a terrible health insurance. the president was arguing and disagreeing with republican ideas. and in the last week he
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embraesed. >> last week he called it junk insurance and was not adequate and did not take care of people's needs. it is hard to understand what obama care is going to be. it changes every week depending on the political circumstances. does that give republicans more ammunition in 2014 to push for source changes in the obama care. >> i want to make sure people have the doctor they chose. and the president's plan and law makes it worse. the president in his press conference this week so manied to think that everything was going find except for the website. you know, governor, the website is the tip of the iceberg. people are seeing policies cancelled and prem yups are going up and higher deductibles
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and co-pays. you can'ts inially cope your doctor if you would like to and all of the issues of computer fraud and idenity theft. >> the latest is, he pushed off on the insurance companies that people can enroll in the tlopst. but the insurance companies have to be able to epiroll them in a matter of hours and weeks. and your colleague from wyoming and the sander of tennessee introduced legislation to force the administration to follow their own law. tell us what it would do and why it is important to make sure they live with what they said they wanted? >> it is called the premium desclosure act because the president now wants people to not know what their insurance will cost in 2015, mike until after the election. he said rather than the
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october 15th date when people cipe up and know what things will cost them. he pushed it two weeks before the election to two weeks after. and with our legislation not good enough. october 15th is the date and people need to know by september 15th what this premiums will be so they can plan and budget and know what the costs are going to be. the president continues to try to mislead the american people and this legislation prevents that. >> 67 percent of the americans say the whole thing is to be delayed. and doesn't that make it difficult for insurance companies to implement the plan and they don't know how many customers and spread the cost and that is catastrophic as the catastrophic nature of the website. >> it is what is happening and we are seeing the people going to the website 60 or 70 times.
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and people who want insurance immediately. that leads to a insurance spiral with only the sick folks signing up and the cost will go higher and higher and the president will try to bail out the insurance companies by and with the taxpayers paying for it. i am calling to actually remove the entire individual man date. the president did it with the employer man date and it is the individual man date that is the most unpopular part of the law, the government said you have to buy a product and it is a government approved product. and for many it is what they don't need or want and they have jufrpg policies the way the president sdroebs them. we have a rancher in new castle,
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wyoming and she got a notice because she had no maternity coverage. she had a hysterectomy. her policy was good enough for her and her family but not for the united states and so it was cancelled and so you know it is wrong. >> senator, i am delighted to know i have maternity coverage. i am fully recovered for deliverying a baby. i don't think it is going to happen. merry christmas to you and your family. >> merry christmas to you, thank you, governor. >> our war heroes are sometimes not shown the appreciation they deserve. last week senate voted to reduce the pengsz. coming up there is a general that knows how to say thanks to
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those who served.
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>> method warriors awards mortgage free homes to wounded heroes who have severe and unique circumstances. they have awarded 538 hopes to the heros and familiesment joining me is ceo and three star general roy ciowa sco. nthank you. >> and it is amazing what your foundation has done. you have provided those homes. a lot of people say i thought this is what the va was supposed to do take care of the military folks when they did the service? >> that didn't happen. we are fingerprint we get to do
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this and i am excited that i am involved and i am amazed every day i get to do. it i pinch myself to make sure we get to. >> it is incredible what we do. >> before we talk about the founding a and hopes we provide. it was a gut punch to the people in the military. a lot of retired found out the budget deal and everybody acknowledges it was a mistake. but right now, retirees get less in the pensions. why is that and how will it affect them. >> it will affect them. most of them are living off of the pension and for the government not to understand what they have done it is amazing. if it is an accident feces it. >> they should have fecesed it before they go home to christmas. >> they should have read it. >> that would be unprecedented to read it.
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if they don't fix it, how will it affect the lives of our heroes? >> i have one that works with our foundation, he has an electro place. it stops the pain. obama care tock him off tri- care. his wife and daughter are on, but he's not can it may be a year before he will be back on it. they can't do anything medically for him without him paying for it himself. this hero was blown up eight types in iraq and they say you can't be on tricare and we'll not cover you. that is the most ri deckulous thing -- ridiculous thing. that is wrong. >> here is a guy that ought to be first in line to get whatever the country needs to do to it
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provide for his needs. and he has to wait for congress to gets it right. >> that is wrong. when we come back, we'll talk about the process of applying for home. you gave away 538 hopes. we'll talk about the process. it is intricate. we'll meet a family that applied for the program. we'll find out what owns their own home would mean for them. we'll be right back.
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>> we are back. joining us now is a retired master sergeant tony who was wounded in iraq of october of 2006 when a grenade was thrown and fractured a skull and penetrated his chest and suffering from hearing loss and left with brain damage and suffering from ptsd. tony and his wife amy and in our audience cindi. and a 14 year old son named hugh who was not able to make the trip. >> you guys applied for one of the houses in the warrior foundation. how did you hear about it. ngovernor, it was word of mouth. we cope up with others.
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and they told us about the foundation and encourageditous look bo it and we applied in 2009 and we have been in their system ever since. >> i know thousands of people have applications. and i know, general, that is one of your frustrations. thousands of people applying for home. you gave 538 but there are thousands left. >> we have a goal to give thousand and 500. and that's why we have them here today to encourage other heroes to apply. go to military warriors opinion organd apply for a home. >> amy, you decided you are not just a victim. you within back to law cool and finished a law degree.
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this had to be a challenge dealing with two children and one is special needs and a husband that is a wounded warrior and you amaze me to do all you have done and deputy -- go to law school. >> that's the way i was raised. my mother had me really, really young and ended up going to college and took me with her. it was how i was raised, you don't give up when things are bad and you con-going and that's the only thing you can do. and i hope other spouses of wounded guys realize that that their lives don't have to stop. they can get their education and do great things. >> i know it is tough. you applied for a house and hoping that some day it would happen. >> a lot of people don't
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understand. we are talking about noise homes. those are homes that banks help to make available. tell us about this one. >> this one is actually, the one in north carolina, governor. >> is it? where in had north carolina is it. nclose to fort bragg. nthat's where you live. no, we are in wilmention ton. >> not error far. nynl, why don't we give this house to this couple. what do you think? >> thank you. (applause) >> there is the cos, what about that? how is that for a christmas present? >> incredible. >> merry christmas. and thank you so much. >> isn't that great. tell me how this helps you and your family to have this house.
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you will go home to this house? >> it will be a tremennous help. and that is one thing that is weighed heavyy on the mind is the fact that at the moment i am unemployed and i am not working and amy has been gutting it out and complete her education and taken the bar exam and at this point, it would be a tremendous help for us financially and our future for sure. ngeneral, one of the things that the people need to know about the foundation, you provide throw years of financial counseling to make sure this this will be a long of term process of making it work. >> i didn't want them to get it mort dpanled and sell it and lose the money. it is a incredible christmas preponderate for the hero and family. the thing that warms my heart,
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there are six kwo children in beautiful homes and they will have a great christmas. >> thank you, general. it would be easy for you to say i am done but you continue to help families like tony and amy and cindi and you have the best christmas they could have imagined and a brand new home that is provided for. i bet you are ready to go to north carolina to get your house. >> yes. nmerry christmas to you. and thank you and all of the things you and the founding a are doing. >> governor, i would love to thank our partner chase bank and i want to thank them and all of the people who support us like george strait and george jones before he passed away and clay walker and miranda lambert and
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mar tina mcbride. they support our heroes, too. >> there is no place like home for the holidays. unfortunately many americans can't fly home to spend christmas with their families. we'll meet the people he's helping out. stay with us. harris faulkner
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back to huckabee. ♪ >> well, welcome back. i want to wish a very happy birthday to myrtle shepherd. she will turn 100 years old on christmas eve. we say happy birthday and merry christmas to you. and a quick word.
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ouricism though to the ray price family. he has been a guest two different times. ray passed away this past week and our hearts go out to his family. a great loss to the music world. you know, everyone. everyone wants to be home for christmas. but sometimes it is tough to get there. and most of us think that santa claus is a jolly old man and a bright red suit, but santa claus comes in different forms. the guy sitting next to me is like a santa claus. he is helping folks get home for christmas by giving away the air miles. what a wonderful thing you are doing to bring families together. >> thank you, governor. >> what possessed you to say i have to do something with the mills. the last thing someone who travels for business is travel.
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i like being home and get to know my cat and white and daughter. >> why did you mention your cat first? you better be going somewhere. >> he comes up first. last thing i want to do is travel and so last year, what if i post on my blog and so if anyone needs miles to go home. a few people said hey, if you are source. i gave away four trips. people e-mailed me photos of seeing their mom. and i have more miles and so i gave six trips and on my blog and within 24 hours, those were matched by other business travellers who want to donate and i add 12 trips and jet blue said we'll give ten trips and we sent 28 people home. >> wow, all because you had an
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idea. >> you know, you have to give back and you got to know. for me i grew up in new york city and a public school and i got lucky and i am lucky and fortunate to have a lifestyle that i enjoy and you have to give back and at a humble. >> i want us to mote a couple of people that peter helped out. u.s. army specialist indiana jones and yes, that is his name. he's with the military police and stationed in fort louis, washingtonitate and hasn't spent christmas with wife sarah in three years and couldn't afford a flight to nashville. indiana and sarah, so nice to have you here with us. >> thank you. >> sarah, first of all. what did it mean to have your husband home for christmas this time? >> it was just last christmas we spent together was in 2010, and i know that being a army wife,
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you kind of have to -- be away from your husband, but it is university something that i -- i mean, every family wants. we don't have kids and we wanted to be together. it moans a lot. >> indiana, when you found out you were going to get to go home and spend christmas with sarah what was your reaction and what did you say? >> i was nervous at first. i know a lot of families have serious situations and want to get home for the holidays and the military tries to give everybody time off and with a lot of things happening it is hard to it get home. and a orgthat helped us to do it and to reference my wife's world. i had a fan girl moment and i was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. >> i am so glad. it is great. and i just hope you guys have a wonderful christmas together.
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we'll let you go enjoy it and merry christmas to both of you sarah and indiana. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. >> thank you, peter. >> and now cathy parker o'day is a widowed grath grandmother and raising three grandchildren and oldest is kurt, a military student in the university in vermont. and she coptafford to pay for a flight and thanks to peter they will be together. it is great having you here. cathy, when you found out you were going to be able to get your grandson home, tell me your reaction? >> well, it was a wonderful thing and i think that it's a christmas gift that i never, ever expected and i am so thankful to peter and all of the people who came through because of his efforts. it is wonderful. nkurt, you left vermopt to go to florida. and you have to enjoy the warmer
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weather for christmas in florida. that is part of the joy, right? >> a little bit. i am going to enjoy the snow, but i am happy to see my grandma and sisters and two dogs. >> what are you going to do at christmas and tell me why this is special to you? >> i am helping grandma get ready for christmas and hiding presents for my sisters and go to church. >> tell them on television where you put the presents. and i want to tell you guys tis a joy for us to be able to see your happiness and see you together and to know that you would have spent christmas by yourself in vermont and instead get to be with your family. i hope it is the best christmas you ever and giving joy to
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peter. >> this is the first time i seen anyone i sent home live. it is amazing to watch. >> that's great. god bless you both and peter. >> thank you, governor. >> what a wonderful thing you have done. >> thank you, peter. >> i hope you inspire many other people the same and recipients say thank you and merry christmas christmas: that's what it means to be santa claus. >> our this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. thiss the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere,
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every single day. now tell me, what's in your wallet?
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>> it's the most wonderful time of the year. but for many americans, holidays are a stressful time as well. here to relieve the stress comedia chandra pierce. it is called girl talk. what are you doing to talk girl talk to me? there is no better place to do girl talk. you need to learn things. >> i have been married 40 years and i haven't learned. >> you been married 40 years you learned how to cope your mouth shut. >> i do. >> you want to t-cell great jesies birth and kill member all at the same time. it is like a christian
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schiphrenic time of year. so far in nashville we can have what ever you want. broken down pick up and nativity set and broken washing machine. my grandmother gave me a plastic one and a five ghost blog and you go around after a windy day. garying them up. jesus is in your bushes may i get him out? >> everybody is afraid i didn't give the perfect gift and what can people do? >> people are worried about that? >> not really? me neither. you get attack out early you don't have to worry. you can love it on the back porch. >> your christmas dinner. >> no, i relieve that stress by not cooking.
12:47 am
you can say no. you don't have to do everything and do it all. >> say bless your heart. >> yes, that means you are so stupid. >> your latest dvd is called girl talk. i won't understand it. what kind of things do you talk about? >> a lot about the things we didn't talk about enough. i grew up a southern preacher's kid middle child and that is cross tone a las vegas show girl and a nun. i had the oishg donity crisis all of my life. my mother didn't talk a lot. if she talked about sex it was s- e- x. and came in my room 23 to it talk about s- e- x. a little late but not that late. but she was late. and s- e- x. and first three years. i thought this had something to do with. it you go to your kitchen when
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your husband goes by honey. he knows. it is something word. and she didn't give me the talk and when i went to florida to get some son i got a daughter. we didn't have obama care then. >> i know it is going to be fun for people to get a nice holiday gift. >> chutely. >> christmas stocking stuffing. >> i am in walmart. and a blue light special. >> you and millions of other people. merry christmas to you. and great to have you. >> and we'll be back in just a moment. stay with us.
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>> they have become an internet phenom nan and giving them a classical twist. their dozens of videos and received 300 million views on utube. they have a brand new cd called a family christmas. welcome the piano guys. (applause) it is great having you guys back and john, this is a lot of fun with the christmas albullpen. it is that time of year. and what made you say, let's do a christmas album, guys? >> it was a great manager who had the idea. we love christmas. it is a time of year when they are together and feel the love of god and we are putting it together in a album. >> you have toured all over the world. >> we just got off the europe
12:53 am
tour and sold out there. and we were doing it for fun. >> this all started with youtube, right? >> yes, if not for you town we wont be here. >> do a selection from the alpumfamily christmas. >> we'll play the piano in a way people have not sewn before. we'll pluck the strings and play the cosine. nremember that we have to pay the rent on this. what are you playing. >> it is angels we have heard on high. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [ applause ] >> those are the piano guys. their album "a family christmas" available at their website and all great sources for music. what a pleasure to have you guys here. thank you for coming today. >> thank you. >> we are so delighted that you joined us. that's it for this week. we'll be back next week. we hope you and your family have a very merry christmas.
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this is mike huckabee from new york. good night. god bless. merry christmas. ♪ [ grunts softly ] [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine. ♪
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i like ducks. i don't know why. i just like them. i like the way they waddle. i like the way they quack. i like the way they hang out with their kids. and sister euphemia would have been proud how they walk in a straight line behind their mother superior. what i want to know is, where are the animal rights activists in the latest "duck dynasty" debacle. >> never been so humiliated in all my life! look, mack. just what's going on around here? let'


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